-Submission to the Vertex Jam-

As an unknown abomination, from your very creation you have only one goal, to feed.

Whether it be Blood Cells to people to Tank, all will be consumed.

Made withAseprite, Bfxr, PixiJS, GDevelop
Tags2D, Horror, Top-Down
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


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This was super fun!

I enjoyed playing this game! I like the unknown abomination sprite, fun zipping around with it and sneakily trying to eat food while avoiding some of the bigger bad guys. I got to the point where I've levelled up in size twice, will see how far I can get - well done!


Very cool game. Nice entry, On the second level in the kitchen there seems to be a bug where you can push over furniture out of the walls. You may want to add some visual cues for when things are hostile and when you can eat things.